What can a stainless steel elbow cost?

Stainless steel elbows are available in many different variants. It is therefore crucial to first specify the pipe bend precisely before we make false comparisons.  

First, let's settle on a standard, some of the most important and common include: 

  • DIN EN 10253-4 – the European standard 
  • ASME B 16.9 – the American standard 
  • DIN 11852 – the food standard 
  • DIN 11865 – the aseptic standard 

Which properties decide on the stainless steel elbow costs?

Stainless steel elbows can be made from welded or seamless tubes, sheet metal or tube segments. Furthermore, the design is decisive, whether it is a narrow radius D2/SR, a medium radius 3D/LR, a large radius 5D or a special radius according to customer specifications. Of course, the bending angle is also decisive, the 90° pipe bend is considered the standard pipe bend, but 45° or 180° pipe bends are also possible, or a special bending angle according to customer specifications. The series of dimensions is also decisive, for example whether ISO dimensions, the old DIN dimensions or metric dimensions are required in EN 10253-4. 

Of course, it depends on the material requirements. Common materials include: 










What can a stainless steel pipe bend cost?

Our pipe bends

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Are there other crucial factors?

In many tenders, some manufacturing countries are preferred or excluded. This is also a decisive price factor. The manufacturer's approval and special factory standards or standard options are also decisive in pricing. 

We can already see that with so many different possible requirements, it is necessary to check exactly what is required of the customer.


If the exact quantities are then clarified, we can arrive at the elbow price, taking into account all requirements, the raw material costs, the machine and production costs, the testing and acceptance costs. Now we should calculate an imputed surcharge to cover all operating costs so that we don't have to report a loss at the end of the year.

Have fun with your next calculation! 

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